Loxley Presbyterian Church is a proud part of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) and part of the government of the PCA is that elders are to be established in each church and to be set over particular duties in the church elected by the congregation and to help govern the worship of God and to uphold the form of government and discipline. At Loxley Presbyterian Church, we currently have two elders, who have served this church faithfully for a number of years for the glory of Jesus.


Ruling Elder: Albert Keuler


Gerald Albert Keuler (or better known as “Al”) has served at Loxley Presbyterian Church as a ruling elder for over forty-five years. He acts as the stated clerk of our session and has been greatly used in the Gulf Coast Presbytery to help many churches. He is a devoted and dedicated servant of Christ and a delight to spend time with.

Ruling Elder: Lloyd Keuler

Lloyd Keuler has been a member of Loxley Presbyterian Church his whole life except for various seasons such as his time at college and in the military. He is married to his wonderful wife Gwen and they have three children together. He has faithfully served Loxley Pres for many years and is a great encouragement to all who know him.

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