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From the beginning of time, the Lord has orchestrated that there be a day of rest in the ordinary week of mankind to rest and worship (Genesis 2:3, Exodus 20:8-11). And now in the fullness of the revelation in the New Covenant Christians celebrate that day of rest on Sunday which is the day that Jesus rose from the dead (it was the pattern of the early church to meet not on Saturdays but Sundays due to the resurrection of Christ – Acts 20:7). Each week we enjoy meeting together and worshipping the risen King who is overflowing with grace for His people and being transformed into His image.

What to Expect: Loxley Presbyterian Church is a warm congregation and we love the gospel! Each week we hear the Lord speak through His Word. We go book by book, verse by verse, through the Bible typically switching from the Old Testament to the New Testament (and vis-versa). The pastor will be in a suit but don’t let that imitate you, the congregation is not as formal so come as you are, we will welcome you! Service times are below:

 Sunday Schedule:

10:00 AM – Sunday School (Currently Canceled due to COVID-19 – Starting back in January 2021)

10:45 AM – Fellowship and Coffee in the Fellowship Hall prior to service!

11:00 AM – Sunday Worship

Bible Study: 

12:00 PM – Thursday Lunch

In this small group, we have time to meet together, pray for one another, and gather around to study God’s Word. We just finished going through a study on the attributes of God and have started studying angels together!

The small group meets at the Church in the sanctuary in order that we have space to spread out! Come and join us as we go through the Word together!

Christmas Service 2020, December 23rd @6pm

We will be gathering, singing and worshiping our Lord for the steadfast love shown to us in Christ, who came into the world to save sinners, this coming Wednesday December 23rd. Following our Christmas service we will have coffee and hot chocolate in the fellowship hall where we shall gather and join hearts and warm hot chocolate/coffee to the glory of God. Policy on masks and the such is up to the individual, yet if you are sick or any of your household is sick please exercise wisdom and stay home. But we hope to see you and your family in worship. – Pastor Brock

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